The Simple Life

Heirloom tomatoes. When I finally saw these at the local health food market (which are all on the other side of the town from me, by the way)I wanted to jump from joy. Finally Heirloom. Tomatoes. The one and only. I must have read a billion recipes with them this summer, always just sighing, knowing there is no chance I would find it soon…but I did find them! Not soon, but victory nonetheless. And they are gorgeous. Am I really weird? I think they are one of the most beautiful things out there. Actually, I think they are so beautiful that I made another trip all the way back to the whole foods just to get some more. I got THE heirloom tomato. It is so pretty that I still didn’t eat it, and pictures of it and some other pretty stuff will get a post of their own soon. But back to my three little tomato things.

You know that feeling when you get a new perfume and you want to go somewhere special the first time you put it on?
That is how I felt when I got these. I had to think of something really special to do with them, because I would try them for the very first time. I thought about it for three (3) days!!! All the possibilities!!!
But you know what? All I really wanted to do is cut them up and put tiny bit of salt on them, and eat them with 2 perfectly plain scrambled eggs.

Boring and unimaginative? No. Just one of many joys of simple life! The other two guys were eaten like an apple. Oh man! But right now, right now I will remove myself from internet and go make me scrambled eggs. Looking at these pictures made me crave them again! :o)

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