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India, State of Kerala

Kerala, one of the most idyllic states of India, lies to the extreme southwest of Indian peninsula. It is flanked by the Arabian Sea on the west and the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats on the east. The state can be divided into hills, valleys, midland plains and coastal belts. Formed in the year 1956, it has 14 districts with Thiruvananthapuram as its capital.

The economy of Keralais primarily agrarian in nature. Some of the key crops of Kerala are tea, coffee, rubber, cashew, cardamom, pepper and cinnamon.
It is famous for its rivers, backwaters and endless beaches.

State symbols of Kerala

Animal Elephant
Bird Great Indian Horn-bill
Flower Cassia Fistula (Indian laburnum)
Tree Coconut
Fruit Jack-fruit

All info from Wikipidia and Maps Of India

First of all, I have to say that this dish turned out better than ANY food I ever had in an Indian Restaurant. I really think I stumbled upon a great recipe here, and it was so fun to make it!
The first thing I think of when someone says India is – curry. Seriously. There is so many awesome thing about India, but that is the first thing in my mind when someone mentions it…so I couldn’t wait to make it home. I honestly don’t know why I never tried it before, now that I think of it.
I found this recipe on Indian Foods CO. I made just a few changes to it, adjusting it to what was easy to get at the local grocery store, and because of the fact that Chris really doesn’t like bones, so I did it with chicken breast. i also adjusted the amount of spices to my taste. Other than that, recipe is copied and pasted entirely with directions included.

Coconut Chicken Curry


Chicken- 1 and 1/2 Lbs. (wash & cut into pieces)
Fresh green peas 1/4 cup
Small baby potatoes- 7 boiled and peeled
Onions- 2 (chopped)
Grated ginger- 1.5 inch piece
Garlic- 3 cloves (chopped)
Green chilies- 1
Coconut milk- 1 1/2 cups

cilantro and chopped cashew nuts for garnish

More with the onion, because they are that good! :o)

I have a lot of pictures in this post, I know. bare with me though, it makes me happy!


Cinnamon- 1 piece
Bay leaves- 2
Cloves- 2
Black peppercorns- 1 tsp.
Turmeric powder- 1 tsp.
Curry powder- 1 and 1/2 tbsp.
Mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp.
Cumin seeds- 1 tsp.
Ground coriander- 2 tsp.
Oil- 2 tablespoons
Salt to taste

Heat oil in a large pan and add mustard seeds. When it pops add cinnamon, bay leaves & cloves. When it turns brown add garlic and curry leaves.

After a few seconds add the onion, grind ginger and chili paste. Fry for a couple of minutes. Then add the chicken pieces and fry. Add potatoes, carrots, curry and rest of the spices and salt.

Cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes.
Then pour the coconut milk and add the green peas. Cover and cook until the chicken is fully cooked.

I served this over simple Indian rice. For a recipe, go here. I didn’t have ghee and it turned out great just the same.
I was so happy when I finally got to eat it, even Chris loved it. He couldn’t decide what was better, chicken or potatoes… I say they were equally good and I say I am making this again next week!

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