A Very Passionate Mojito

I almost wrote Burrito. What kind of burrito would that have to be!?!
But, I did make a very passionate cocktail. A Mojito!

I got a gift card for Ross from Chris’s parents for my birthday. They have such great deals there btw! I got two very nice shirts, of which one is my new favorite item in my closet! I also got couple of outfits for Mogwai and quite a few new kitchen items. One of them was this ice glass mold pictured above. I was a little doubtful to how it was going to turn out, but its really cool. Here is a picture of the first glass I made:

They don’t come out perfect like a real glass, they don’t form a perfect circle all around, but I think they are just gorgeous and oh so cool!
So now I had couple of very cool glasses, what now? I only had tequila, rum and triple-sec home leftover from my birthday. I also had a passion fruit mojito mix.
So that decided it. Passion fruit mojito it is.

Chris and Andrea got the real deal. I only poured a little bit of the mix with ice in mine. I used a shot glass of rum and two shots of mojito mix for theirs. I put a slice of lime in it too. They said it was very good, I’m sure it is. I love everything made with passion fruit by default! And, I finally realized that passion fruit is maracuja. Aleluja.

I LOVED the feeling of sipping my drink from this glass. The taste of the drink combined with the cool feeling on your lips and a perfectly cool drink is just fawesome. You probably can figure the downside of it by yourself. You better drink fast, or you just might loose your drink. These glasses melt away fast in the summer. After the first drink we had to use little bowls so the ice melted in them and the drink that was now dripping through a tiny hole was not lost. No worries, all got consumed and saved!

12 thoughts on “A Very Passionate Mojito”

  1. I need these glasses for my kids. They can drink them outside and I won't have to pick them up!! The picture is divine.

  2. who was the maker of the mold for the ice glasses? in case i can't find them at the ross store in my area. they are really a neat idea!

  3. Boil distilled water and let it cool. That should take care of most of the trapped air bubbles and you should get a much clearer glass.

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