(twd) Brioche Plum Tart

I am not a part (booey) of Tuesdays with Dorie yet. I don’t know how to even begin, and frankly, I don’t even dare right now. But they make soooo many fawesome recipes. When I saw this, I knew I would have to make it, even without my uncontrollable fear of yeast dough!
Anyway, this recipe has been chosen by Denise from Chez Us. If someone wants to try it out, go there for complete recipe and instructions!

I only wish I had plums from home. They are smaller and so much tastier, I don’t know how you call them in US, but I’ve seen them a while ago when lady from work brought some from her tree. I used these:

As far as the dough goes, I followed the recipe word for word and I did manage to be patient and let it in the fridge overnight. The thought of wonderful warm brioche tart for breakfast gave strength! :o)

In the morning I pushed the dough in my quiche pan and then spread some jam on it and put the sliced plums on it and sugar mixed with pecans. I love pecans and had them home so I went with that instead of walnuts. I also didn’t have any plum jam (which I actually made with my mom recently, but it was so good that we ate it with a spoon and it was soon gone). I used lemon-lime marmalade that we also made. Delish!

So, what did I manage to mess up this time? I did not have any aluminum foil home, so I had to take the tart out of the oven before the sugar got completely caramelized or the whole thing would be burned. We lived though, it was still very very tasty.

There is one thing that I think it would make this even better. At least for my tummy :o)…
I would add some grated orange and lemon zest to the dough. Definitely orange if just one. Maybe I would even try putting a teaspoon or two of maraschino in it. Anyway, I will make it again for sure. It’s a keeper.

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