(twd) Vanilla Ice Cream

Oh yeah! This was the fifth time in the past two months that I made an ice cream or gelato, and it was the simplest and tastiest. I think I’m rediscovering the beauty of minimalism all over again!
It is also the second Tuesdays with Dorie recipe I made. I will try to make one every week, we will see how that will go…
This recipe was chosen by Lynne from Cafe Lynnlu. Please go there for complete recipe and instructions!

This was the first time I used a vanilla bean instead of an extract. I am just amazed what a difference it makes. I was little worried once I took the bean in my hands and it was time to cut it, but I followed the simple technique to plump it and it was so easy. Now if I only had my vanilla bean tree! :o)
I also have to say that once the ice cream was churned, it almost broke my heart when I had to stop eating it directly from the ice cream maker and put it in freezer…it was THAT good. I wish I could store ice cream like camels can store water! (hmm…maybe that’s what’s going on with my behind, LOL)

Can I tell you I also made a fawesome chocolate tart the same day? Can I tell you I had this amazing fudge sauce left over from the tart’s glaze? Do you know where that sauce went? Well, you know where. I don’t need to tell you…

Hint, hint. :o)

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