Chocolate Tart

It’s been a crazy three weeks here. My friends from Croatia are gone and I’m so lonely now. I keep telling myself that now I will have time for the blog again, which is really cool because I love this blog. But I have to admit. It was so much more fun cooking for my friends than just for myself and hubby. See, my husband is not into sweets. At all. Unless it is a cheesecake, and one can’t make cheesecakes all the time. Which takes me to that miss-fortunate tempt a few days ago to make a raspberry swirl cheesecake. I thought I would make a perfect cheesecake even better by adding water in the oven underneath it…I will do this cheesecake again, soon. No water though. Lesson learn, a perfect recipe is perfect because you can’t do anything else to make it even better, so DON’T try!

And speaking of perfect, I did make a perfect vanilla ice-cream (recipe and pictures in the previous post) and was in a mood for making something really luscious to go underneath it. A chocolate tart. Yes.

I never used to love chocolate like I do now. I would listen to other people craving for it and didn’t understand it. I would always take something caramel over chocolate. Or white chocolate over regular one. Boy has that one changed in the past few years. When I get one of those ‘I need something chocolate’ moments…well, let’s just say that if you are not chocolate, get away from me.
I’ve been wanting to try this recipe out for a while. It is a recipe from Master Chef Australia. Please go here for a whole recipe and instructions.

I was worried about this dough. It was really moist and I had no idea how it would roll out, I am no pro and still kind of new to all of this, but I am happy to say that as long as you put enough flour underneath and on top of the dough while rolling, it will come out just fine.

Next came the filling:

I was getting pretty excited at this point. It just needed to cool down a bit for the glaze.

I am more than proud of this beauty! It looked so pretty and you could see your reflection in it just like in a mirror. Well almost like a mirror! :o)

For me the best part of this tart is how wonderfully creamy the texture the chocolate filling is. I’ve had some mean chocolate cakes…but this one has a special texture, it’s made from dark chocolate and because od that it isn’t too sweet. That is why it is going into my recipe book. Zaher cake is the queen of chocolate cakes, but everyone needs a little variety sometimes.
And just look at this picture, you can SEE the creaminess!

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