Swedish Meatballs

I love Alton Brown – and as much as I enjoy watching him, I love to try out his recipes.
Alton reminds me of my brother very much. A little bit of charming, A little bit of geeky, combined with lots of humor – makes the perfect recipe….uhmm, what are we cooking here?
Oh yeah, meatballs!

See, I’ve been known to go on a diet every now and then, and in such times of sadness, buy a Lean Cuisine or two…for times when I really don’t feel like cooking anything healthy from scratch. One out of two kinds that I get is the Swedish meatballs. Other is tortilla crusted fish if anyone wanted to know that. :o)
Wrap it and call it whatever way you want to though, it’s still a frozen meal and I am not really into IKEA ones that they offer in their restaurants. I knew they could get better than that, so I went to see what Alton Brown had to say about that.

Swedish Meatballs
for recipe go to: Alton Brown

I decided to let my Kitchen Aid do the dirty work here, it made this whole process so much easier (and cleaner). I just had to scoop out the meat and shape it into little balls. I used my mini ice-cream scoop for this.

Like the instructions say, I put all of the done meatballs into the oven on 200, while I did my second batch. Well all accept one, that one jumped into my mouth by mistake, but she was so tender and delicious that I decided to just let it go and not get upset. :o)

Now I had a bunch of meatballs that were very inpatient to start swimming in something delicious, so I had to work quick. I was pretty happy with the sauce after just two cans of broth, so I kept it at that. If you want to use all three that the recipe calls for, just go ahead, I am certain it will be just as delish.

Before I started making theese meatballs, I couldn’t quite make up my mind what to serve them with, I am glad I went with these egg noodles. I even LOVED them with lingonberry preserves (back home we don’t usually mix sweet and savory). I want to make that on my own next time…but I never saw lingonberry here in Utah. I still remember picking them and eating them straight from the bushes at my great grandmas house in Croatia…those were the times!!!

All in all, I like these more than classic American meatballs. I am just not the biggest fan of tomato sauces, so this works better for me.

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