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This is my summer goodbye post. Soon there will be no more delicious heirloom tomatoes at farmers market. There will be no more farmers market in a few weeks! I feel like I barely discovered it! I still have no idea why it took me so long to try it out. It is downtown Salt Lake and it is kind off a pain in the butt to find parking, but still, it is worth it.
Now, again, I come from a country where usually you go to buy your fresh produce on local markets at least once a week, but more often twice or three times a week. My family gets their fresh cottage cheese and cream there too. Uncomparable to anything that you can get in the stores. No wonder so many people cringe on the mention of cottage cheese here… And I, well, I’m still trying to get used to people eating it with pineapple or peaches or whatever fruit for that matter. Give me nice fresh bacon and onion, a few slices of fresh bread and a bowl of cottage cheese with cream and a pinch of salt. Ah…the perfect weekend brunch. :o)

You know what else is delicious with that simple Croatian brunch? Radishes. Plain old radishes. I happened to find these cute Easter ones on the market. They were, sadly, not eaten with cottage cheese. I ate them with two scrambled eggs. Another very common breakfast, lunch or dinner in Croatia. We like our scrambled eggs there! Probably because we have such good bread and tomatoes to go with it. That tomato from the first picture was also included in that meal. I personally believe (this sounds familiar :D) that the best way to eat your tomatoes is with scrambled eggs. Just cut it up and put some salt on it.

The last picture here will be of my absolutely favorite greens for salad in the world. I am trying really hard to figure out how you call it in English, in Croatian it’s called matovilac. I think it’s called lambs lettuce. How appropriate since my favorite type of meat is lamb.

I have not had it since I moved here. So, so sad. So what did I do with this salad wonder? I put some red vinegar and canola oil on it and some salt. How fancy huh? Wait, let me tell you with what I ate it. I baked a whole chicken in the oven with cut up potatoes. How beautifully simple, greasy and crunchy. Good times.
Anyway, the joke in this is that summer is not even the season for lams lettuce! And good news is that I will eat it like crazy when I go home for Christmas! With my moms baked chicken and potatoes. Mmmmmmm.

So we come to an end of this weird and nostalgic post, that doesn’t make much sense since you can get tomatoes and radishes in any grocery store through the US all year around. But it kinda does, because those tomatoes suck. They are tasteless 95% of the time. Seriously. Even scrambled eggs can’t help them much.
Bye farmers market, see you next year. You are cool even though you don’t have old ladies selling freshly made cottage cheese. But what you do have is billion types of pumpkins and squashes. And they are so nice and pretty and tasty that I even forgive you for the cottage cheese! <3
(and that suspicious packaged lamb chops from Australia that is sold from beer coolers!?!?!)

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  1. ah kako lijep post… baš me hvata nostalgija 🙁 jedini razlog zašto podnosim ljeto je obilje voća i povrća na tržnici… sve ostalo ne volim 🙂

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