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So guess what? I suck. I’m still not really back, but I am still really trying. I’ve been busy, aren’t we all…? But! I found a place here in SLC where you can go for cooking and baking classes. It is Gygi and it is really awesome. It is a locally family owned and operated restaurant wholesale and kitchen supply store. Also, they offer fun classes like Thai Cuisine, Specialty Sushi, Christmas Eve Dinner all the way through six week cooking series: The Fine Art of Cooking. Me want.
My favorite part of all is that other than taking some of the classes, I started volunteering there. I really love doing it. I am learning how things work behind the scenes, and it makes me so happy that I like it. It is my happy place.
I will put some recipes and photos of the Thai class that I took in a few days. Today I wanted to share some Christmas gift ideas with you that I learned at Gygi. They are all so incredibly simple and affordable.


Chocolate covered popcorn! Pretzel sticks dipped in caramel and chocolate! White chocolate peppermint bark!

And my favorite, the one I made last night for my little gifts, Chinese cookies dipped in Chocolate.

There really is no recipe. Just get some good chocolate, melt it in a microwave with a 30 seconds method (heat 30 seconds at a time and mix well in between until all the chocolate is melted). Get pretzels, popcorn, or whatever else you would like to dip and have fun with it.

I got a big bag of Chinese cookies with Christmas messages inside. I love it so much I will make extra ones to put on the table after Christmas Eve dinner, for all of us to open. I never ever compromised on my traditional Christmas Eve menu. But this is just simple and fun enough to include this year!

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  1. The whole recipe is to choose a good quality chocolate and carefully melt it without burning it, I do it in 30 second intervals in the microwave. Then you just dip the pretzels in and put them on a baking paper. I like the effect of using white and black chocolate and then drizzling the other color on the top!

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