Chocolate Macarons

I made these macarons a while back, but I never got around to posting them here. I followed a recipe from Pastry Pal Blog. This is the only recipe I personally had success with, so I stick with it. I will not copy the recipe here because Irina from Pastry Pal has a wonderful downloadable one, so please go over there and get it! I was very intimidated by macarons before I found her recipe. What I will do is post some of my pictures that I took while making a batch of chocolate macarons. I have since made other flavors and pistachio is my all time favorite!


8 thoughts on “Chocolate Macarons”

  1. How funny that i stumbled across this. Im also a Croatian Daniela who loves making macarons! lol
    These look great ๐Ÿ™‚

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