Chef War – Battle Pork Ribs

Last week was the first of hopefully many Chef War battles, battle pork ribs. The concept is inspired by the Iron Chef that all of us have seen on the Foodnetwork. Mastermind behind Utah’s Chef War is Chef Jonas Otsuji. I have taken several classes that Jonas held at Gygi and all I can say is that sushi will never be the same after that. Before, I could actually go to my local grocery store, and if in a mood for sushi, buy one of those packages of California rolls or whatever they offer. Not anymore. I just figure, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right. No more prepackaged sushi for me! Thank you, Jonas!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from volunteering on this event, I was a bit nervous. Because of that, I cut my finger within the first minute I grabbed a knife. I felt like a total idiot! But everyone was really nice and soon I was in my grove. I just get lost in this world of food. It is what I think I’m good at. I love learning about it, and I love preparing it so people can enjoy it. I feel like it’s that one place where I really belong.

Chef Giovanni Bouderbala and Chef Raul Mendez, both local chefs to Salt Lake City, were the first two chefs to battle each other. The dishes that came out were amazing. Watching them create them on the spot was even more amazing, and all this was spiced up with fun leading from Jonas. A very relaxed and fun environment, and I was a part of it! I hope there will be another battle organized soon, and until then, I leave you with some pictures…

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