Croatia Part III (Venice trip)

And the last installment in my Croatian Trip Trilogy :)))) The Venice Trip!

It was short, hot and yummy. The last week of our vacation we decided to have a small trip to Venice, sleep in somewhat of a suburb of Venice – Mestre, and then (after visiting designer outlets :D) go back through Pordenone and Trieste.

All this is pretty close to Croatia, Venice is about 4 hours away so the driving wasn’t that bad.
First I want to show you our first encounter with food as soon as we stopped at the gas station after the border with Italy. So this is just the salami fridge on the gas station, it also had cheeses, olives and condiments, salads and sandwiches, and of course desserts. Yes, the gas station was big, but it had an amazing selection!


We arrived to Venice around 10am. The humidity and heat were awful. Unfortunately, it was just not very enjoyable because of it. We probably spent less than three hours in Venice, when we had to call it quits and we had to head to the hotel. Following picture is of a first fast food/bistro place right on the exit from the main parking garage in Venice. And let me tell you something about that. If you are arriving with car, that is where you will park. It is huge, expensive (almost $50 for the day parking, they don’t take hour payments) and be very careful because workers there instruct some customers to leave keys in the car. So they can move the car if necessary. Uhm. No? So when we refused they sent us to the very top floor on the roof. Needles to say, the car was an oven when we came back, but whatever, I was not leaving our car with luggage, laptop and stuff ready to be rummaged through by some sneaky employees…and just in general…when in Venice, just have a lot of caution. Tourists are easy targets for not so nice people 🙂
Anyway, to get back to the picture…I really wanted those luscious looking mortadela wraps…but I was saving myself for some Pizza!


Since it was so hot and sticky we were pretty nervous so the pictures were very, very amateurish and most are taken through the window pane. Sorry about that.
Here is some of the Italian sweets that we saw, my son screamed he wanted all of them and he did get one of those yummy looking cookies. They are dry. Dry, dry, dry. Hard to eat and no one really liked them, and they looked soooo yummy! The cannolis I got were of course awesome. :))) (btw I never had a cannoli before in my life!)

They sure make them look nice though, right?
The picture underneath is here just to show you what my dad bought. His inner kid just couldn’t resist I guess. What a mistake :D, it was a sugary dry mess, certainly some people love this stuff, but  not me, if it had some fresh fruits to balance it out, maybe. He (with little help of my son) though, ate it all!
Time for savory stuff. Spinaciotta looked yummy, but no distraction from pizza, we skipped that 😀
Outdoor stands with pasta and other deli stuff for sale.
Farmers market in center of Venice, very nice fruit and vegetables!
Now, the best for last. (well not quite last)
Pizza! Italians really do have the best pizza and you just can’t do anything about it! The dough is perfect, cheeses and tomato sauces are the best, all together is pretty much perfection every time. Even the cheep slices you by on the street are better than anything I ever had anywhere else!
The first pizza was with cheese, salami, mushrooms and onions. It was so good that somebody couldn’t wait two seconds for me to snap a picture! 😀
The second pizza was 5 cheeses. I remember fresh mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, brie and I forgot the last. Oopsie.
And you bet, third pizza happened. After we all ate enormous amounts of the first two and wanted more! It was the same five cheese pizza but I added extra gorgonzola on it. Oh my. Best Pizza Ever!!!! Seriously. I will dream of it until I have it again.
And….yes, my mom made us order a salad. Something about health, veggies and …whatever. I did not spoil my pizza with that thing 😀 Mom and dad ate it.
Last picture is of one of my (usually) favorite dishes, spaghetti con le vongole. From a nice trattoria in Pordenone. It was still very flavorful, but they added potatoes to it. My mom said that that is how they make it in that part of Italy, which might be true, but I tried to skip the potatoes because I really didn’t like that combo with spaghetti…anyway, (cell phone) picture of my weird spaghetti:

And that would be it for my trip. I feel bad I didn’t take better photos, but it was really not my priority while home. People and soaking in experiences was…so it is ok. I just wanted to share them even though they were like this and now I can continue with my other posts. I still have a lot of recipes I didn’t have time to publish from Croatia that I will post this fall along with my new recipes. (hopefully lots of pumpkin! :D)

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