Kasato Slices

This recipe comes from my best friend from Croatia, she makes it every Christmas and it is her favorite treat, I must admit, I love it too. I love her honey cake better, but I’ll just have to wait to eat that one when I go back there again!
This is so simple and there is no baking involved. You put it together in a few minutes, cool it for a few hours and you are ready to go. It lasts for a good while in the fridge and freezes great too. To me, that is a no brainer. This year I made it after the holidays just because I really wanted something sweet and something that reminded me of home.

Kasato Slices:

14 Tbsp of softened butter
1 cup of sugar juice of one lemon
10 to 11 oz of finely crushed wafers cookies (or even better if you can find petit beurre biscuit cookies) about 8 oz of chopped up sugar jelly candies
optional – 1/2 tsp of rum extract

 Mix the butter with sugar and lemon juice together until nice and fluffy. Add the cookie crumbs and mix well. Add jelly candies and mix well, then shape it into a log.

Chocolate topping:

2/3 cup chocolate chips
3/4 stick of butter

Melt the chocolate with butter on low heat. Let cool a bit before covering your log. If you want it to be shiny add 1/2 tbsp of oil to it when removed from the heat.
Cool in the fridge for a few hours before slicing.

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