Sausage, Leek and Mushroom Stuffing with Gruyère Cheese


Ta-Daaaaa! My second favorite part of Thanksgiving meal – I give you the Sausage, Leek and Mushroom Stuffing with Gruyère cheese. Yup. Stuffing with cheese. Never had it before? You’ve been missing out.

Now, full disclosure, my mother-in-law makes the most incredible stuffing and the key part is – she makes it on the inside of the turkey and it sucks up all of those incredible turkey juices and we all absolutely love it. But I myself tend to make stuffing outside of the turkey and this one is the best I’ve ever had. No joke.

Putting cheese might be cheating just slightly but if it’s absolutely scrumptious and delicious, do we care? Try it!!



Sausage, Leek and Mushroom Stuffing with Gruyère Cheese


2 Ciabbata loaves – torn into chunks and left out to dry for minimum of 24 hours

16 oz sliced Cremini mushrooms

2 leeks (lighter parts) sliced thinly

1 lbs of sausage, I like both sausage with sage and maple sausage for this

about 4 cups of chicken broth

2 eggs, whisked

salt and pepper

about 1 1/2 cups Gruyère cheese – I wont be mad if you use 2 🙂

bunch of fresh herbs  like thyme, tarragon and sage


Sauté leeks and mushrooms until they are nice and soft, season with salt and pepper then add the minced garlic and cook for a few more minutes. Transfer on a plate then in the same pan brown the sausage. When browned add the fresh herbs and cook for a couple of minutes.

In a large bowl mix the veggies and the sausage with the bread and add the eggs and the broth. Season with salt and pepper if needed then lastly add the cheese and mix.

Transfer into a butter baking dish and bake at 385F for about 45 minutes to an hour.

You want it nice deep golden brown and crunchy on top. If desired garnish with some fresh herbs and pomegranate seeds and serve immediately.




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